Carbon Filters / Chlorine Removal Systems – Cornwall, Ontario

Were you aware that more than 2000 conceivably harmful impurities reside in your Cornwall, Ontario regions commercial, industrial and residential water supply? Impurities such as chlorine, bacteria, iron and detergent, to name a few, can have a negative impact on your waters taste and smell, can cause adverse health effects in individuals, and can easily disrupt a commercial or industrial process. Carbon filters / chlorine removal systems from Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. can effectively eradicate these impurities, and many others, from your residential, commercial or industrial premises in Cornwall, Ontario, leaving you with clean, fresh, pure water.

The obstruction and removal of chlorine, sediments, protozoa and other chemicals, the lessening of corrosion and mineral buildup, and the promotion of a steady flow of pure water, is what your house, or commercial or industrial application, will benefit from, with the installation (to your main water line) of one our water filtration industry approved carbon filters / chlorine removal systems. Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc.’s licensed and experienced technicians can install one of our professionally engineered carbon filters / chlorine removal systems, or one of our many other water purification systems, into your Cornwall, Ottawa, Kemptville, Perth, Renfrew, Carleton Place or Russell, Ontario business or home, so as to protect the water you use or drink:

  • Residential reverse osmosis systems (RO systems)
  • Iron filters / sulphur filters
  • Commercial reverse osmosis systems (commercial RO systems)
  • Industrial reverse osmosis systems (industrial RO systems)

Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. will work with you to browse our inventory of carbon filters / chlorine removal systems, and select one that is most appropriate for your home, or industrial or commercial process, providing you with the very best water purification solution. Call us to set up a meeting for a free greater Cornwall, Ontario area estimate, and to further explore our carbon filters / chlorine removal systems.

Cornwall, Ontario facts & figures:

  • Cornwall lies on the 45th parallel, approximately 100 kilometres southeast of Canada’s capital
  • Cornwall is within driving distance of the cities of Carleton Place, Russell, Ottawa, Kemptville, Morrisburg, Alexandria, Lancaster, Renfrew and Perth
  • Cornwall’s largest industries includes logistics distribution and call centres

Cities near Cornwall, Ontario:

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