Carbon Filters / Chlorine Removal Systems – Carleton Place, Ontario

Were you aware that more than 2000 conceivably harmful impurities reside in your Carleton Place, Ontario regions commercial, industrial and residential water supply. These toxins, among which are chlorine, arsenic, sodium and mercury, can effortlessly upset a commercial or industrial operation, can negatively affect your waters smell and flavour, and can be noxious to an individual's physical well-being. Your Carleton Place, Ontario commercial or industrial business, or home, can now benefit from clean, fresh water with the installation of one of Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc.’s carbon filters / chlorine removal systems, which will eliminate these contaminants, and many others, from your water supply.

Meeting water purification industry requirements, our carbon filters / chlorine removal systems (which are joined to a houses’, or industrial or commercial premises’, main water line), promotes effective fresh water flow, and lessens mineral buildup and corrosion, while blocking and removing chlorine, potassium, nitrates and a wide range of other chemicals. Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc.’s highly skilled and licensed technicians can protect the water you ingest or use in your Carleton Place, Ottawa, Kemptville, Perth, Renfrew, Russell or Cornwall, Ontario home or company, with one of our expertly crafted and installed carbon filters / chlorine removal systems, or one of our other water treatment solutions:

  • Commercial reverse osmosis systems (commercial RO systems)
  • Industrial reverse osmosis systems (industrial RO systems)
  • Residential reverse osmosis systems (RO systems)
  • Iron filters / sulphur filters

Give Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. a call to discover just how our carbon filters / chlorine removal systems can help your home, or commercial or industrial business, and to set up a consultation for a free, no-obligation quote. We will help you select from our wide inventory of carbon filters / chlorine removal systems, to find a water filtration solution that best suits you, and your greater Carleton Place, Ontario area application.

Interesting facts about Carleton Place, Ontario:

  • Carleton Place is a town in Eastern Ontario, in Lanark County
  • Carleton Place is in close proximity to the cities of Mississippi Mills, Blacks Corners, Franktown, Russell, Ottawa, Kemptville, Cornwall, Perth and Renfrew
  • Carleton Place is situated on the edge of a large limestone plain, just south of the edge of the Canadian Shield

Cities around Carleton Place, Ontario:

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