Water Softeners

Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. is a leading supplier of superior quality water softeners for residential, industrial and commercial use. Our knowledge and application of water treatment technology provides homebuilders, homeowners, and industrial or commercial process managers or business owners with the softest water in the greater Ottawa area. Hard water will become a thing of the past with the installation of a Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. water softener. If you’re interested in supplying your family with softer water than what your home currently has for drinking, showering, laundry etc., or you want to ensure that your industrial or commercial process equipment is protected and runs smoothly, then turn to Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. for one of our commercial, residential or industrial water softeners. We have provided countless satisfied clients in Ottawa, Cornwall, Hawkesbury, Gananoque, Morrisburg, Smiths Falls, Pembroke and Arnprior with industrial, residential and commercial water softeners!

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