"My new water filtration system was installed today by Hills & Valley Water Systems. I went with their top-of-the-line iron/sulphur removal system and am very satisfied with the results! The job was cleanly and quickly done, the entire installation process took only 4 hours, and that included uninstalling my old, unreliable system. Their technicians even cleaned out the debris and junk left on the ground before installing the new iron/sulphur removal system. They kept me informed of what they were doing every step of the way, rushed me into their schedule by making an exception and doing a weekend job, and gave me a wicked deal at the end of it all. Thanks again!"

Gabriel in Cornwall, Ontario

"Hills & Valley Water Systems is a stand up business! Their technicians answered my calls promptly, didn't oversell me on unnecessary features, provided high quality equipment, did exceptional work in a short window of the initially estimated time. I highly recommend this company! My water tastes fantastic, with no more rotten egg smell or rust. Thank you guys!"

Allison in Morrisburg, Ontario

"My neighbor recommended Hills & Valley Water Systems to me when my own water system starting acting strangely. I called late in the evening and without hesitation I was led through a series of questions and actions until the immediate threat was averted. Their technicians came the very next morning to further diagnose my homes water system, and came again within a few days to fix the issue. I found them very easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable on well water processing systems, and true to their word on the timing of their visits and the improved results that would be gained with the newly installed water purification hardware. I have no hesitation in recommending Hills & Valley Water Systems for any well water related issue. You won’t be disappointed!"

Roger in Ottawa, Ontario

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