Iron / Sulphur Removal

Are there any reddish-brown stains on your commercial or industrial process equipment? Do you smell a foul odour coming from your Ottawa area homes water supply? Then the water supplied to you by your greater Ottawa municipality most likely contains iron and/or sulphur. Hydrogen sulphide gas (sulphur) and iron deposits can be very problematic for home and business owners. Bacteria from iron creates slimy deposits that clog pipelines, water heaters, water softeners and water pressure tanks. These bacteria tend to be resistant to traditional detergents, chlorine bleaches and alkaline builders, and they can reduce the flow and pressure of commercial, industrial and residential water supplies.

Sulphur buildup causes water to emit a rotten egg like smell that can infiltrate your residential, commercial or industrial space. The presence of iron and/or sulphur in your Ottawa, Hawkesbury, Smiths Falls, Pembroke, Arnprior, Cornwall, Gananoque or Morrisburg water supply can easily be dealt with through the installation of a Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. iron/sulphur removal system. Our iron/sulphur removal systems are easy to use, energy efficient, and operate without the addition of harsh chemicals. They are more affordable compared to the iron/sulphur removal systems manufactured by our competitors. All of our iron/sulphur removal systems, as well as our other water filtration systems including reverse osmosis systems, are fully guaranteed. We even provide iron/sulphur removal system troubleshooting and repair if ever needed. If you’re unsure as to whether or not your residential, industrial or commercial water contains iron or sulphur, then the licensed technicians at Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. can assist you by way of our water analysis service:

  • We will analyze a sample from your water supply to confirm whether or not it contains any iron or sulphur and we will determine the levels of iron and sulphur present.
  • We will assist you in choosing an industrial, residential or commercial iron/sulphur removal system that will best address your iron deposit and/or sulphur content problems.
  • We will promptly install your new iron/sulphur removal system to act as an iron/sulphur guard for your home, or industrial or commercial application, thus ensuring cost savings and the effective operation of homes or businesses water flow.

With over 21 years of experience in water filtration system engineering and installation, Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. keeps on hand a complete inventory of commercial, residential and industrial water filtration solutions that includes reverse osmosis systems and iron/sulphur removal systems. Our friendly and skilled technicians can solve unseemly iron deposit or sulphur issues with our durable, effective, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly iron/sulphur removal systems, allowing for clean, fresh water to be delivered to your Ottawa area house or business for many years ahead. In order to acquire colourless, odourless, iron-free and sulphur-free water for your home, or commercial or industrial enterprise, please get in touch with Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. for a free estimate, and to learn more about the many iron/sulphur removal systems, or reverse osmosis systems and other water filtration systems, that we develop, install and service.

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