Sediment Filters

Impurities such as sediment can disrupt a commercial or industrial companies process, or cause residential water in Ottawa, Smiths Falls, Arnprior, Pembroke, Morrisburg, Cornwall, Hawkesbury or Gananoque to look unusual. Sediment is considered to be any matter that can be transported by water flow, which will eventually be deposited as a layer of solid particles on the bottom of a body of water. Sediment may appear in a homes or businesses water supply in the form of:

  • Rust flakes (from water pipes)
  • Sand grains
  • Small pieces of organic matter
  • Clay particles
  • Any other manner of small particles

Water that has a high sediment level can change the aesthetic value of a homes water, or have a detrimental effect on the performance of industrial or commercial process equipment by causing blockages in strainers, flow controls and solenoids. A sediment filter acts as a sieve to effectively reduce or remove these particles. As part of our reverse osmosis systems, water softener and water filtration solutions offerings, Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. sells and services sediment filters to homes and commercial or industrial ventures in the greater Ottawa, Ontario area. Our sediment filters are long-lasting, cost-effective, eco-friendly and highly effective at reducing or removing sediment from your industrial, residential or commercial water supply.

In addition to sediment filters, our skilled technicians also provide water softeners and reverse osmosis systems for Ottawa based home, industrial or commercial applications. For more information about Hills & Valley Water Systems Incs. sediment filters, or any of our other water filtration systems, please get in touch with us today.

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