Chlorine Removal Systems

Chlorine has been used by greater Ottawa area municipalities to disinfect water from harmful contaminants and deliver it to homes, and commercial and industrial companies for many years, because it is cost-effective and widely available. Although it provides consumers with sanitized and bacteria-free water, it is not ideal for personal consumption or industrial or commercial use. We at Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. believe that it is best to minimize the amount of chemicals you ingest, or use in commercial or industrial applications, and have peace of mind when it comes to your personal health or the longevity and effectiveness of your process equipment.

Scientific studies have shown that chlorine and its related compounds are oxidizing agents that, when present in residential water supplies, may lead to the development of certain types of illnesses, such as cancer. Chlorine can also have harmful effects on commercial or industrial procedures or processes, causing stress cracks in stainless steel, altering and damaging active pharmaceutical agents, or leading to undesirable by-products. Water filtration products such as reverse osmosis systems are no exception, as they may deteriorate and degrade when chlorine is present. Removing chlorine is easy with the use of a chlorine removal system from Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc.

Our chlorine removal systems remove chlorine readily from all water entering a home, or commercial or industrial business, in Ottawa, Gananoque, Morrisburg, Cornwall, Pembroke, Smiths Falls, Arnprior or Hawkesbury, Ontario. Also referred to as “dechlorination”, our chlorine removal systems will eradicate toxins from your water supply leaving it smelling and tasting clean and fresh, thereby safeguarding your health or your commercial or industrial process. Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. sells and services all types of water filtration products, including reverse osmosis systems, and chlorine removal systems. Our experienced and knowledgeable water filtration technicians will design and install a chlorine removal system in your home, or your commercial or industrial process, in a time-efficient manner and at a lower cost to you than that of our competitors.

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